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We are Igor Media, a winning Web-Design Agency In Nairobi, KENYA.

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Web Design Services in Kenya, Web Applications Design & Development

Websites / Applications

Creating Effective, Functional and Secure web solutions are part of our philosophy. At an affordable price, you can now get that website you have always wanted, or that Web Application or Mobile Application. Our prowess has been proved time and again, So let’s Get You Started.
Marketing Automation tools

Marketing Automation

We provide tools and support that gives you the power to track leads, personalize your engagement, offer value to your prospects and effectively guide your customers towards conversion. No more guesses to marketing Lead Conversion. So let’s Get You Started.
Custom built online stores/ catalog

E-Commerce Sites

Having you been planning on setting up an Online Shop? Well, Igor makes the process Easy and Secure. We provide E-commerce solutions so you can sell your products online. STRESS FREE! Payment gateways including major Credit / Debit cards and MPESA are part of the package. Ask Now.

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Mobile Ready.

one website for all devices!

By Design

Take advantage of the growing mobile audience by providing a functional and effective mobile friendly websites to your customers. At Igor media, we provide an out of the box responsive website that will work seamlessly on multiple devices. Yes, you guessed it right, One Website for All Devices! Out of the box BY Design. 


As a result of great planning and careful execution of the “mobile first” approach, a functional and consistent user experience is assured across all mobile devices.

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